How To: Download & Install English Patch for Revelation Online [CN]

Special thanks and credits go to The RU Translation Group. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to host this patch exclusively for the world to use. You guys are fantastic and we love working with you.

English Patch Link(s):

Revelation Online [CN] English Patch

Too long? Use this:

Megasync CN Download (Do NOT download through Browser. Only download through Megasync Client!):!chZXBLpL!iSFWznJ8QBWPvGDJ1LOegecdBfvKD4OBEsRRQqfRtBM

CN Download Original:

Unofficial Revelation Online Community Discord:

Music used:
Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven


14 thoughts on “How To: Download & Install English Patch for Revelation Online [CN]”

  1. Will they be using the official english translation somewhen? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that work, but the quality of this english seems like it's made with google translator as sometimes I still can't understand a thing. :/

  2. Help me please! I did this once for myself with a help of a streamer and when i tried helping my friend I think I messed up!
    He did his backup folder and all and replaced them with the English Patch entities and gui things. What do I do now? Im so confused! DX

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